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Rosaria Sunglasses

Classic and chic! Calling all fashionistas, these are the perfect showstopper for any outfit. Glam up any styling with the iconic limited-edition Rosaria sunglasses. Timeless, chic and most importantly? fabulous! Go on, treat yourself.


Nora Sunglasses

Summer loving at its finest! Tortoiseshell details combined with chic Parisian styling will have you feeling main character energy. These limited-edition Nora sunglasses are the perfect all-rounders. Go on, treat yourself!


Maribella Sunglasses

A vintage shape combined with iconically Powder tortoiseshell… a must have for your summer wardrobe! Fashionistas and minimalist alike are bound to fall in love with these limited-edition Maribella Sunglasses.


Luxe Kiona Sunglasses

These luxe Kiona sunglasses are the epitome of classic chic with Tortoiseshell and mandarin details. Flattering for any skin tone and great for driving or days at the beach, these will add a bit of sass to your outfit!


Loretta Sunglasses

The most flattering sunglasses shape! Limited-edition Loretta sunglasses in cream are for the days you want to boss it! Great for driving or days at the beach, or just to add a bit of sass to your outfit.


Leilani Sunglasses

Daydreaming with rose tinted sunglasses and a rosé in hand… summer has never looked better! These limited-edition Leilani sunglasses will have you channelling your main character energy.


Julieta Sunglasses

For the classically chic girl in your life! Styling has never been easier with these limited-edition Julieta Sunglasses with gold details. Unique and with a throwback feel, these sunglasses will have you living in main character energy, every day!


Effie Sunglasses

The most stylish summer staple, we introduce our limited-edition Effie sunglasses in petal. Instantly channel your divine feminine energy whilst adding a dash of colour to any outfit.


Brianna Sunglasses

Great for days driving or at the beach, these will add a bit of sass to your outfit.


Bellini Sunglasses Ocean Tides

With stylish round frames made from plant-based and biodegradable material, these are the only sunglasses you’ll need this summer.


Cairo Sunglasses

Look sharp in the Cairo, designed with a thin yet resilient metal frame and a brow bar that accentuates your face.


Sawyer Sunglasses Shine Rose Gold/Peach

See the world through rose colored glasses! We love these shades by TOMS.

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