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Boho Gal Jewelry

Boho Gal Jewelry

BoHo Gal is a brand inspired and derived from different cultures and ideals from around the globe. We wanted to create a platform to introduce pieces that have cultural relevance and significance. Its not just jewelry, its jewelry that embodies style, individuality, authenticity but also history. It was important to honor these traditions.

Min: $0 Max: $40

Haala Spinner Ring

This beautifully detailed ring will satisfy your urge to fidget as well as keep you looking well adorned.


Evil Eye Protective Necklace

Inspired by the traditional nazar amulet, the Evil Eye pendant offers protection and insight while you take a closer look at your own personal journey. The circular pendant comes with the embossed symbol. Perfect to wear daily.


Ara Ring

Choose your color! This gorgeous 2 stone ring is adjustable and easily goes with any outfit.


Alaine Ring

Choose your color! These gorgeous brass rings feature either a large moonstone or turquoise stone!

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