Personal Accessories

Min: $0 Max: $55

Johnny Was Luxe Mask

Protect yourself in luxe style! These gorgeous masks from Johnny Was are easy to break through and wear all day. They look gorgeous paired with any outfit. Choose your favorite style.


Squash Blossom Face Shield

We tricked it out and it's amazing! This is the most comfortable PPE you'll find - we wear them all day long and not only can we breath well and we can easily be heard and understood by everyone, but it's also a very chic look! Choose from three designs


Choice Cuts Belt Snap Keychain

This handmade leather keychain is begging to hold your keys. Attach it to a belt or bag strap, keeping you from losing track of your keys! Each keychain features a collar button closure to easily attach to your belt and spring lever snap hardware makes i


The Squash Box

Send someone you love a grab bag full of beautiful goodies from Squash Blossom! Choose from two sizes.


Hobo Merit Keychain Tassel

This keychain from Hobo is super cute and fun to fondle! The leather gets softer and softer with use, and the convenient lobster clasp means you can easily hook it to a spot inside your purse so you know where to find it!


Hobo Dasher Jewelry Roll

Meet Dasher, the perfect gift and every woman’s must-have leather jewelry case for travel. Crafted in vintage hide leather that only gets more beautiful over time with use and wear.