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AnneM Plum Ring

The centerpiece of this unique ring is pronounced and timeless. Plum’s robust and lush curves evoke seductive contours and smooth lines. Strong prongs support a terrestrial circle made from wood, wood encased in resin, or resin, putting nature on a pedest


AyalaB Golden Slumbers 021 NK

Gorgeous statement necklace handcrafted from Ayala Bar.


KrisN Badass Script NK

She's understated but original, tough yet soft inside, and cooler than anyone you know. Bravery is her middle name. You know her (maybe you are her). The Badass.


DavidA Mag Brass 49 EAR

18k gold plated brass hook with brass and magnesite.


Ayala Bar Celestial Aura ER

Beautiful tulip inspired post earrings.


AnneM Savory Ring

This unique ring is a sleek display of nature’s nuances. Savory’s focal point is a stately design, made from either wood, wood encased in resin, or resin consumed by ribbons of pigment. The long design plays with the idea that a line comes from a circle w


Ayala Bar Transcendent Devotion ER

Post earrings with small tangled overlapping petals.


KrisN Love Script NK

A constant reminder that love always surrounds you. Wear this piece every day layered with other more dramatic pieces or alone for a simple statement.


AyalaB Golden Slumbers 037 ER

Beautiful mixed-material handcrafted statement earrings from Israeli designer Ayala Bar.


AnneM Buis Ring

With this unique ring, Anne-Marie Chagnon plays with the elasticity of lines and circles. Silvery and strong pewter is ribbed with hand-carved details and cradles a marbleized milky or brilliantly hued bead


CLP Thin Leather Cuff

This is soft on the skin but tough on looks. Leather covered soft brass cuff with yellow bronze accents. This is one for the boys or the girls - looks great on either and has a very flexible fit adjustment!


TokyoBay Simon Watch

This watch has a beautiful matte finish and a metal mesh band. The perfect finishing touch for any occasion.

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