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Blondie Ring

Like embodied confidence, Blondie leaves a lasting impression. Its pewter band curves into a graceful helix, surrendering a gold-plated nugget as an organic and refined focal point.

$68.00 $34.00

Pyrite Magnetite Ring

Pyrite in Magnetite is termed to be a jewel of optimism that helps its carrier to wipe out the feelings of desolation, melancholy.


Alaine Ring

Choose your color! These gorgeous brass rings feature either a large moonstone or turquoise stone!


African Turquoise Ring

As the stone of Evolution, African Turquoise brings positive change and transformation to one's life. It brings the desire to explore the unknown, opening the mind to endless possibilities. It will open the heart, readying one's soul to dive into the spir


Ara Ring

Choose your color! This gorgeous 2 stone ring is adjustable and easily goes with any outfit.


Oval Mother of Pearl R5 Ring

This statement Rebel single oval stone ring features an antique brass finish with a semi precious stone.


Reversible Onyx Ring

A cocktail ring with a statement! This ring is the perfect gift for someone who loves practicality. This ring has a 2-in-1 feature and is the only one you'll need for any outfit.


R7 Square Ring

The perfect cocktail ring when you want to make a statement!


Scholarsite Ring

This gorgeous milky stone contains deep brown speckles and streaks and stands out as a bold statement!


Charoite Ring

Sometimes called a "stone of transformation," charoite is thought to aid the transformation of negative emotions into positive ones. It is believed to encourage inner strength, assertiveness, creativity and self-esteem.


Steel Round Ring

Style and simplicity meet in this gorgeous black steel ring.


Malachite Ring

We love the gorgeous pairing of stainless steel inset with a bold green malachite stone.

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