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Reversible Resin Circle Necklace

Make a statement! This cool necklace features a massive reversible pendant made from resin circles on a thick woven cotton cord.


Vintage Glass Pearl Heart Necklace

Beautiful and special, and a little bit edgy - just like you! This gorgeous vintage piece looks great over a t-shirt or daintily placed with a gown.


Evil Eye Protective Necklace

Inspired by the traditional nazar amulet, the Evil Eye pendant offers protection and insight while you take a closer look at your own personal journey. The circular pendant comes with the embossed symbol. Perfect to wear daily.


Ethereal Waist Chain/ Necklace

Tie this string of beads around your neck or your waist for instant bohemian style!


Open Cluster 1856 Necklace

Choose your stones - will you go bright or earthy? Either way, this is a gorgeous necklace from Rebel Designs


Aluminum Cylinder Necklace

Choose your color combination! This is a brilliant multi wear necklace, with anodized aluminum cylinders in scrumptious colors, w/ magnetic closure. Wear it looped or long, it's a bold statement either way!


Black Enamel Zodiac Necklace

Delicate 18" chain with a high quality bright 14k gold plate with black enamel design for each zodiac sign. Each sign is packaged with a unique card, perfect for gift-giving.


EMI519 2 Strand Pink + Blue Stone Necklace

Make a statement with these gorgeous natural stone earrings from California Designer David Aubrey.


CHR118 Geo Stone Pendant Necklace

Make a statement with these gorgeous natural stone necklace from California Designer David Aubrey.


Brass Circles Necklace

This is the ultimate necklace. We love it. Enough said.


Mini Round Necklace

We're in our animal era! These handmade porcelain and gold plated necklaces feature lounging animals in the coolest way!


Bold Chain Link Necklace

Be bold, and wear this lightweight statement choker style necklace!

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