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Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar jewelry is personally designed by the artist Ayala Bar, and 100% handcrafted by Ayala's dedicated team.

Min: $0 Max: $300

Summer Heat 3402 Necklace

Beautiful multi-layer necklace from Israeli Designer Ayala Bar.


Summer Heat 1858 Earrings

Beautiful earrings as part of the Summer Heat Collection from Israeli Designer Ayala Bar.


Summer Heat 1857 Earrings

Beautiful mixed-media earrings from Israeli designer Ayala Bar.


Lavender Fields Tacovanda 1884 Earrings

Beautiful statement earrings with soft colors of spring.


Lavender Fields 1885 Neomarica Earrings

Beautiful and delicate earrings to make a statement with your spring or summer wardrobe.


Lavender Fields 3414 Rhodeo Necklace

Make a statement with an Ayala Bar necklace! Handcrafted multi-material gorgeousness!


Lavender Fields 1887 Oxalis Earrings

These small and understated hand crafted earrings have beautiful details and are perfect for spring.


Lavender Fields 3415 Hun Necklace

This beautiful collar skimmer is soft and delicate with the colors of spring.


Clover Blooms Adintum Earrings

Beautiful statement earrings from Ayala Bar.


Whirlpool 314 Necklace

With its regal, rich, robust, and lovely shades of red, Ayala Bar's Whirlpool is a passionate show of artistry. A bold warm mix of gold and silver metals, majestic hues and pops of white are woven within intricate beading and clever textile design.

$78.00 $54.60

Loopy 668 Earrings

Peachy pink patterns with refreshing spring flair, pearls and petal soft beading bring forth an airy statement for spring and summer. Ayala Bar's Loopy is for the lighthearted, carefree, and ultra-feminine.

$188.00 $131.60

Metal Light 273 Necklace

Stop the show with this statement necklace from Ayala Bar. This piece adorns your neck and matches every color in your wardrobe.

$298.00 $208.60