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Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar jewelry is personally designed by the artist Ayala Bar, and 100% handcrafted by Ayala's dedicated team.

Min: $0 Max: $300

Summer Heat 3402 Necklace

Beautiful multi-layer necklace from Israeli Designer Ayala Bar.

$180.00 $90.00

Summer Heat 1858 Earrings

Beautiful earrings as part of the Summer Heat Collection from Israeli Designer Ayala Bar.

$148.00 $74.00

Summer Heat 1857 Earrings

Beautiful mixed-media earrings from Israeli designer Ayala Bar.

$148.00 $74.00

Lavender Fields Tacovanda 1884 Earrings

Beautiful statement earrings with soft colors of spring.

$138.00 $69.00

Metal Light 273 Necklace

Stop the show with this statement necklace from Ayala Bar. This piece adorns your neck and matches every color in your wardrobe.