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David Aubrey

David Aubrey

Handmade Designer Jewelry

Min: $0 Max: $200

ATH117 Athena Grey Green Necklace

This shorter necklace is cool toned and elegant. It's a 17" necklace with smoothed magnesite, brass, and agate.


ATH121 Athena Grey Stone Necklace

This geometric inspired necklace mixes cool layers and sparkle. It's a 21" necklace with oxidized brass chain, jasper, and tarnish resistant brass.


BKN120 Triple Lime Green Necklace

This beautifully crafted necklace is unique and ahas lots of texture. Composed of a 20" triple strand necklace with plated hematite, magnesite, jade, and agate--its a must have!


BKN321 Triple Green Wood Necklace

The perfect girl for the green lover in your life! It's a 21" triple strand necklace with plated hematite, jade, howlite, chalcedony, magnesite, brass, glass, quartz, and wood. It is surely a statement piece that you need in your life.


BKNB04 Green White Wrap Bracelet

This 5 strand wrap bracelet is composed of glass beads, brass discs and barrels, and magnesite beads.


BKNE50 Green Brass Earrings

These extra long pendulum style earring features 18 carat gold plated brass hooks and minty green vinyl discs.


FER122 Black Wood Necklace

The only way to describe this necklace is big, bold and beautiful! Standing at 22” long with chunky black painted wooden beads and a center sitting brass piece to contrast.


FER133 Faceted Jasper Necklace

This earthy necklace is 33” long with roughly shaped faceted green jasper, plated hematite, and brass cubed beads adorning the upper part of the chain.


FERE06 Pink Green Hoop Earrings

These sweet, spring colored babies are small but mighty. They contain gold plated brass hoops with polymer discs and swirled Czech pink glass drops.


FERE120 Chandelier Black Green Earrings

These bold and extra-long beauties are a showstopper and not for the faint of heart! Contains vintage black acrylic drop beads, black magnesite, black glass, and green painted wood beads.


FERE20 Green Peach Hoop Earrings

This soft and beautiful color palette is flattering on anyone. They feature gold plated brass hoops with green polymer discs and peach glass beads.


FERE27 Carnelian Spike Hoop Earrings

These chunky and bold gold plated brass hoops feature carnelian, plated hematite, and black magnesite spikes and come together to create a unique statement piece.

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