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Ikat Jewelry

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Pearl Labradorite Scatter Cuff

This cuff is made from several bands of 18k gold plated brass, four labradorite stones in circular settings, and four unique fresh water pearls. Pair with pearl earrings and heels for a sophisticated look.


Garnet Trio Bracelet

This unique bracelet is made from a series of interlocking 18k gold plated brass rings, and three large garnets set across it. Wear with a red dress and gold jewelry for a coordinated look.


18k Gold Round Pearl Inlay Med Cuff

This stunning gold cuff brings drama as well as class. Made from 18k gold plated brass and sporting five unique fresh water pearls, this cuff is sure to set you apart from the crowd.


18k Gold Round Pearl Inlay Cuff

Perfect for stacking with other bracelets or by its self, this 18k gold plated cuff is studded with seven stunning pearls and pairs beautifully with your favorite pearl earrings.


18k Labradorite Wide Cuff

This 18k gold plated cuff is studded with seven labradorite stones and will bring a eye catching sparkle to any look. Pair with dangly gold earrings for maximum glamour.


Mix Trio Adj Ring

Coming in a variety of different styles and made from 18k gold plated brass and semi-precious stones, these trio rings are so unique and gorgeous you will have to stop your self from getting them all!


Purple Royal Earrings

These dangle earrings are made from 18k gold plated brass and semi precious stones, pair with multi colored jewelry for a maximalist look.


Sapphire Specks Earrings

Made from 18k gold plated brass and semi precious stones, these unique dangle earrings will bring any look to the next level.


Lilly Earrings

These botanical earrings are bold and eye catching. Made with 18k gold plated brass, pair these earrings with your favorite floral print.


Long Leaf Earrings

These naturalistic earrings are classy and romantic. Made from 18k gold plated brass, pearls, and semi-precious stones, these earrings pair perfectly with a flowy date night dress.


Freshwater Pearl Turquoise Garnet Cross Necklace

Made from freshwater pearls, turquoise, garnet, and 18k gold plated brass, this cross necklace is a unique piece.


Brown Pearl Red Jasper Cross Necklace

Made with fresh water pearls, 18k gold plated brass, and jasper stones, this necklace is beautiful and hand made.

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