Kris Nations

Kris Nations

Kris Nations designs jewelry that’s part Bohemian, part modernism, part in-your-face statement. Kind of like Alexander Calder meets Dolly Parton.

Min: $0 Max: $90

Kris Nations Chill Enamel Necklace

The Chill Pill Necklace brings an instant calm when you’re stuck in traffic or your dog got into the trash or you just want to tell the person in front of you to chill out.


Kris Nations Badass Hoop Earrings

Let 'em know who they're dealing with.


Kris Nations Unicorn Necklace

Do you believe in magic? How about unicorn jewelry? :)


Kris Nations Eye Disc Necklace

Tap into the powers of your third eye with this beautifully styled necklace from Kris Nations.


Kris Nations Queen Necklace

Let her reign! We love to see a Queen claim her rightful title.


Kris Nations Rainbow Necklace

Why are there so many songs about rainbows, but so few necklaces? Well this solves that. You're welcome.


Kris Nations Happy Camper Necklace

If you're happy and you know it, wear this necklace from Kris Nations! Inspired by sustaining a daily "Happy Camper" state of mind. Desert landscape scene with peridot, sapphire and white crystals. "Happy Camper" engraved on the back.


Kris Nations Ray of Sunshine Necklace

This necklace! Swear by your happiness. This hidden message on this ray of sunshine pendant necklace will remind you of your awesomeness in cases of stolen parking spaces, long lines at the grocery store or a Netflix outage.


Kris Nations Y'all Script Necklace

Let your southern spirit shine with this necklace from Kris Nations.


Kris Nations Slay Everyday Script Necklace

Channel your inner Beyonce and slay every day in this necklace from Kris Nations.


Kris Nations XOXO Script Necklace

Bringing forth all the hugs and kisses!


Kris Nations Hustle Script Necklace

For that girl who is always on her hustle! Put it on a chain, wear it 'round your neck.

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