Prairie Underground

Prairie Underground

Prairie Underground is a leader in the sustainable fashion movement. Based out of Seattle, Washington, Prairie Underground is designed by childhood friends Davora Lindner and Camilla Eckersley, and was created as homage to revolutionary, independent women everywhere, who are steadfastly making the world a better place. Prairie Underground has used sustainable textiles in every collection since 2005.

Min: $0 Max: $350

Prairie Underground Long Cloak Hoodie

It's a Prairie Underground and Squash Blossom classic! This will quickly become your favorite go-to jacket when a regular hoodie just won't do!

$268.00 $187.60

Prairie Underground Knack Cords

A mid-rise flared pant composed of high-stretch corduroy offers a shot of color to a classic silhouette. Two back darts for shaping and a clean front suggest a minimal look that is also ideal for layering.

$150.00 $105.00

Prairie Underground Industry Dress

This is a fitted stretchy edgy shift! We love it paired with boots for fall!

$198.00 $138.60

Prairie Underground Club Dress

The Club Dress continues a design dialogue of everyday dresses that appear as separates. The hood and design lines on the skirt convey a sexy/sporty duality. No pockets on this one, grab a crossbody bag and keep it sleek.

$248.00 $173.60

Prairie Underground Bedroll Coat

A boxy fleece trench with an organic muslin overlay, stitched down to create a textured woven shell. Evocative of vintage sleeping bags, this fleece-lined cocoon is an extra warm cardigan and boxy coat liner.

$328.00 $229.60

Prairie Underground Tendril Sweatshirt

The Tendril Sweatshirt employs multiple necklines to appear as layers, exposing the clavicle. Easy to position with undergarments, waist shaping has been added with a front invisible zipper. The softness and ease of a sweatshirt with a minimal, futuristic

$132.00 $92.40

Prairie Underground Come For Me Jumpsuit

All in one dressing is a long-term fashion cycle and jumpsuits are as ubiquitous as they are essential! This jumpsuit is a classic from Prairie Underground and we love it so!

$208.00 $83.20

Prairie Underground Organic Mask

USA made, organic PPP made for comfort and style by our favorite Pacific Northwest slow fashion line, Prairie Underground. These masks have an added pocket to insert your own filter as needed.


Prairie Underground Pin Up Legging

Choose your color! This is a best seller from Prairie Underground. The pin-up legging is great fitting and slimming.

$103.60 $41.44