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Ranger Station

Ranger Station

Personal Fragrances & Candles; hand-poured with our refined scents; hand-crafted to make your home-base so much more.

Min: $0 Max: $100

Rocks Glass Old Fashion Candle Gift Set

This set is the perfect gift for the candle, or cocktail fan in your life! Each set includes a Ranger Station candle + empty "Ranger Hat" glass; enjoy your favorite cocktail as you burn through the candle, and once it's done you've got a set of glasses!


Shot Glass Trio Candle Set

Discover the best of Ranger Station with this miniature set of candles. Want to give the greatest gift ever? This set is your answer! Includes three best-selling candles poured into shot glasses that will make a great addition to anyone's collection.

$68.00 $47.60

50ml Cologne

Choose from two incredible fragrances (see notes below). Formulated and mixed in Nashville, TN, The Ranger Station colognes each come in a gorgeous wooden box to make the perfect gift.


Whiskey Glass Candle

Choose your fragrance! A hand-poured soy candle in your favorite new whiskey glass! Each candle comes perfectly packaged with a pack of matches.


Roll on Cologne

10ml of Paraben-Free olfactory pleasure! The roll-on colognes from Ranger Station are available in two gorgeous scents and are each made from the finest essential oils.