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Studio Oh!

Studio Oh!

Established in 2011, Studio Oh! is a boutique publisher of artistically designed gift and stationery products intended for today’s consumer. Our company has quickly become recognized for its collaborations with exceptionally talented, up-and-coming illustrators and for manufacturing fresh, inspired, and engaging products.

Min: $0 Max: $35

Snap Hook Water Bottle

Be kind to the environment with this planet-friendly water bottle. This durable 20-ounce reusable bottle is the perfect hydration companion with a leak-proof lid and cushioned silicone foot to prevent spills.


Cathedral Candle

Infused with real essential oils in a creamy coconut-soy blend wax, this candle burns beautifully, releasing the refreshing aroma into the air. The tall glass vessel can be repurposed as a flower vase. This candle makes a great hostess gift!


Single Use Soap Sheets

These portable single-use soap sheet packs provide a safe and convenient way to wash your hands when on the go! Simply use dry hands to take a soap sheet from the box, wet your hands and the soap, lather, and rinse! It’s a quick and easy process, whether