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Coffee Inspired Tea. Take a moment to let it sink in. 

Teaspressa tea is all natural, organic tea. That's right, just plain tea with no coffee, artificial flavours, or additives. The main difference here is that we have created a way where we can now literally make tea like coffee. This new approach is nothing like the traditional method of brewing  - we have established an exciting new tea profile for you to enjoy! 

Teaspressa tea has the body and robust flavour of coffee and some teas, black ones to be specific, have the same amount of caffeine content as well. You get the best of both worlds by enjoying the caffeine kick and body like a cup of coffee as well as savouring the enhanced new flavours of the tea and all its health benefits. 


Our TEAm loves coffee, hence where this idea sprouted from. At Teaspressa we value the ritual and art of coffee and tea. We are are continually inspired by our communiTEA to offer our best service.

Min: $0 Max: $60

Starter Gift Set

The gift set that all your tea loving friends need. This set comes with 4 tea flavors with corresponding flavored Luxe sugar cubes (you can even mix and match!) Pair it with a mug they'll love and its sure to be a hit.



Snag one of these to get the most vibrant flavor possible out of your Teaspressa sugar cube kits. Its sleek, easy to use and easy to store.


Golden Latte Kit

Spice up your daily latte with this barista-inspired turmeric latte with edible rose petals. Great as a gift for your favorite coffee lover or to add a little something special to your Sunday brunch.


Favorite Latte Kit

Become a master barista with this delicious latte set.


Beer Shandy Kit

Create a mixologist-inspired craft beer cocktail instantly with these handcrafted, naturally infused flavored sugar cubes.


Teaspressa Classic Cocktail Kit

Could not be any easier. Make a syrup by muddling the cube, add your spirit and you have an instant cocktail. Very delicious!


Instant Mimosa Kit

Create a mimosa, mocktail, or artisan flavored champagne cocktail instantly with these naturally infused flavored sugar cubes. Made with all-natural ingredients and containing only 16 calories, enjoy craft bubblies anywhere, anytime!