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GS Stone & Bead Smart Watch Band

Add some style to your Apple Watch! These watch bands are compatible with both 38mm and 42mm sized Apple Watches!


Evil Eye Beaded Earrings

This is such a great bold earring with an ancient protective meaning.


Kris Nations Unicorn Necklace

Do you believe in magic? How about unicorn jewelry? :)


Kris Nations Eye Disc Necklace

Tap into the powers of your third eye with this beautifully styled necklace from Kris Nations.


Kris Nations Queen Necklace

Let her reign! We love to see a Queen claim her rightful title.


Kris Nations Rainbow Necklace

Why are there so many songs about rainbows, but so few necklaces? Well this solves that. You're welcome.


Ayala Bar Astral Earrings 011A1270

Beautiful statement earrings from Ayala Bar's Astral collection. This is a great mix of fabrics, metals, and natural stones.


Ayala Bar Astral Earrings 011A1267

Another gorgeous pair of earrings from Ayala Bar's Astral collection. We love the whimsical nature of this collection.


Ayala Bar Astral Earrings 011A1266

Another beautiful pair of statement earrings from Ayala Bar. These are a great mix of braided nylon cording, metals and beads. this pair also looks great hanging backwards, as you can see different design and construction details!


Ayala Bar Midnight 829 Earrings

Gorgeous black and sage colored statement earrings from Ayala Bar.


Ayala Bar Crimson Voyage 007 Earrings

Beautiful colorful earrings by Ayala Bar.


Ayala Bar Crimson Voyage 004 Necklace

Color pop alert! Brighten up any outfit (plain white t-shirt makeover!) with this statement necklace from Ayala Bar.

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